Children From The Storm

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In the wake of the 1918 Flu Epidemic, the Robertson community established an orphanage Die Herberg to care for the children left orphaned and destitute. A large tract of farmland on the outskirts of town was donated to this end and hectares of fruit trees were established as a means of generating income for the orphanage. As time passed, much of the land was sold off to fund the much needed expansion of Die Herberg.

In 2003 a few hectares of old apricot trees remained that, due to their age, were no longer profitable. With the growth in the South African wine industry and as a respected wine-growing region, members of the Robertson community suggested the old fruit trees be replaced by vines. Farmers in the area donated their time, experience, plant material and equipment to put 5 hectares under vines.

The Wingerdprojek Trust (Vineyard Project Trust) was established to guide the project from the vine to the bottle. The objective was to create a quality red blend that would raise funds for and awareness of the children of Die Herberg.


Ownership of the project lies with the Wingerdprojek Trust, in aid of Die Herberg, and wineries in the area work together to produce and promote Thunderchild. The 2008 maiden Thunderchild vintage has now been released and current winemaker, Abrie Bruwer of Springfield Estate, has produced a wine of exceptional quality in keeping with his reputation. Going forward, other winemakers in the area may act as custodians of Thunderchild and continue in his footsteps.

100% of the grapes for this blend is grown on the orphanage grounds and 100% of the profit is donated to the children. Specifically, funds generated by the sale of Thunderchild are dedicated to caring for orphans after the age of 18, when by law they can no longer stay at Die Herberg but due to either special needs or exceptional talent, they require further support in this world.

The children of Die Herberg are not from homes or communities where the sun proverbially always shines. Their lives are characterised by dark and threatening clouds. The name Thunderchild accurately describes them in the most beautiful way – the wonderful power of nature. They are nature’s wonders who fight through thundering clouds to overcome darkness with the light and beauty and power of an electrical storm. They are true Thunderchildren.

For almost a century Die Herberg has provided a safe haven for the destitute children of Robertson. By supporting Thunderchild you support their legacy of caring and empower their future efforts.

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